Waiheke Wine Tours – Experience The Once In A Lifetime Tour

Waiheke Island is an unspoiled natural paradise that is only reached by boat from Waiheke Bay. Waiheke is about 2 hours from Auckland and is well worth the trip. “This beautiful part of Waiheke is very beautiful during the day. It’s so breath taking and relaxing,” said Waiheke locals. Waiheke Island is well known for its scenic walks, its waterfalls, beaches, geysers, bird watching, surfing, fishing and camping opportunities. Visit three popular vineyard’s for some delicious, view the beauty of the Waiheke Harbour from your balcony, enjoy the breeze of the sea, meet the local winemakers at their quaint Waiheke winery and enjoy the fabulous scenery from your air-conditioned car rental in Waiheke.

The Waiheke wine tours offer a unique chance to experience the true Waiheke Island living experience by travelling as a small group. It is an opportunity that is also great for couples and families. “Auckland’s South Island has many popular tourist attractions including tourist attractions, but one attraction that doesn’t get much love from tourists is Waiheke,” said John Key. “Waiheke is a wonderful place to visit, it’s a hidden gem.” “When you come back as a group, you will all have different perspectives of Waiheke Island,” continued John. “This allows everyone to enjoy Waiheke and gives everyone more time to explore other parts of Waiheke Island.” “The fullers 360 Waiheke tour gives you an opportunity to see and do all the amazing things to do in Waiheke.”

The Waiheke private Waiheke wine tours is available as a helicopter tour, a car rental and a walking tour. Helicopter tours are available daily and are available for groups of thirty or more people. Each helicopter has been custom designed for Waiheke Island and offers spectacular views of Waiheke Bay and the North Island. Tours begin and end at the Waiheke Airport.

Another Waiheke wine tour option is the Waiheke Wine Tasting Tour. This tour operates only on weekdays and during the lunch hour on Saturdays. Tastings are conducted around two hours before the main public lunch buffet. The tour includes a lunchtime picnic as well. Private tastings of Waiheke wines are available for ten dollars per person, and the price increases according to the number of bottles purchased.

Waiheke Island’s private vineyard tours are available for tourists to visit for a private Waiheke wine tours experience. Each fifteen-minute guided tour highlights one of Waiheke’s premium vintages from the best locales. The wine tasting experience is guaranteed not to disappoint. Private tastings of Waiheke wine are available for ten dollars each, and a package tour is available for groups of ten or more people.

Waiheke’s other major draw card is its excellent beachfront restaurants. There are several fine restaurants in Waiheke ranging from family style dining to fine dining. These restaurants also offer lunch cruises for affordable prices by Waiheke Wine Tours. There are a few hotels in the area that offer hotel and tour packages, or you can choose to do your hotel bookings yourself and arrange your own tours.

There are several Waiheke wine tours available to you. Choose a tour that will give you the opportunity to taste some of the best Waiheke wine tastings in the country. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to see this beautiful part of the Pacific, a Waiheke tour package should be considered. Your package may include your lunch, two tastings at local restaurants and transport back to your hotel. Whatever your budget, there’s a Waiheke tour package that will fit into your overall vacation plans and save you time and money while you’re enjoying all that Waiheke has to offer.